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    Stairs hole dimensions, length and width (cm)

    Inserted ceiling thickness (cm)

    Height between floors
    (from finished floor to finished floor, in cm-s)

    I want a handrail or boundary to the stairs


    Additional info. The material for tread and boundaries –
    solid wood, veneer, metal, glass, wire, etc.

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    In order to receive a quote, we need to know:

    • the size of the opening (this determines the type of stairs);
    • the thickness of the inserted ceiling;
    • height between floors (from clean floor to clean floor);
    • material of stairs and railings – solid wood, veneer, metal, glass, rope, etc.
    • the need for handrails and barriers.

    To get a price offer, send us an e-mail with your wishes at or contact us via the price request form.