Our main product and services are indoor stairs and the production of stair solutions. We also manufacture various stair railings according to the customer’s request.

Stairs (types of indoor stairs):

  • Indoor stairs
  • Sheet steel zig-zag stairs
  • Sheet steel stairs
  • Wooden stairs with two beams
  • With side mount (cantilever staircase)
  • A staircase with a special solution: a combined staircase with a cantilever and a visible steel beam
  • Wooden single-beam stairs with a steel inner structure
  • Elderwood stairs
  • Stairs with toe board
  • U-shaped staircase
  • U-shaped staircase with stairs
  • U-shaped staircase with a platform
  • U-shaped staircase with turning steps
  • L-shaped staircase with stairs
  • L-shaped staircase with a platform
  • L-shaped staircase with turning steps
  • Straight stairs
  • Straight stairs with toe boards


  • Glass railings
  • Tempered and laminated glass railings
  • Fences made of steel pipes
  • Fences made of square pipes
  • Floor-to-ceiling steel pipe railings
  • Fences made of wooden slats

Stair lighting:

  • Handrail lighting
  • Step lighting


Wooden furniture, furniture details, wall panels, slatted walls, window sills, etc.

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